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Through App Store Optimization, App Squad is able to increase your app downloads by finding your specific target audience. App store optimization has become the new standard for mobile app marketing and is a proven method to reaching your market. At App Squad, we’ve discovered a way to enhance the level of app store optimization and mobile app marketing. Our numerous clients have experienced the difference that App Squad’s unparalleled app store optimization services can make in delivering you a massive number organic downloads and traffic.

Improving Conversions with Accurate Data

It is extremely important to have the correct mobile data to successfully implement App Store Optimization. App Squad has spent years comprehending what the users search for when they are inside the App Store. App Squad’s successful methodology has been proven through the optimization of thousands of applications throughout the years. Maximum visibility and downloads is what App Squad ensures for your apps.


Providing Expertise in mobile marketing and App Store Optimization

When it comes to mobile app marketing and app store optimization, App Squad has been the trusted name in the industry for thousands of developers. Having our own App Store intelligence team has aided us a in getting the best results where our clients are able to dominate their target market. Be it the App Store or Google Play Store, App Squad fully understands what users search for whether it be a business app or mobile game. Due to the extensive index of data that we possess, which is specific to all major app stores, we are able to create unique and precise plans for all our clients. Relying on targeting keywords isn’t enough and only we can eye the opportunities and deliver the best results.


Presenting Data and Methodology App Store Optimization

App Squad’s App Store Intelligence Team ensures that you get the best results for your app in a short span of time. The real mobile data and App Store software has left the usage of inaccurate keywords behind and made the process of optimizing your app more efficient. Build better call-to-actions for your marketing campaigns and gain insight on the most in-demand product features through real mobile data and understand the trends in App Store and Google Play in real time.


Allotting Additional Resources to Improve Conversions

App Squad also offers 100% real user feedback, through which you can optimize your screenshots, icon, title and description. This feat can’t be achieved by technology alone. With App Squad’s user community you can not only gather the data required to understand what isn’t performing but also utilize it to get feedback on your app. Make sure you possess the tools needed to increase conversions and download!


Proud Customers

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"I would absolutely recommend The App Squad. Chris was excellent getting me started with the company and my app, Picnic Crush. Tiffany expertly guided me through the process of running my site and Dustin produced Picnic Crush exactly the way I envisioned it as if he were seeing inside my head. The App Squad team has taken exceptional care of me, and Picnic Crush is now completely finished and available for download at the app store."

Kris H.

Picnic Crush

"I have been working with this company for a few months now getting an app set up and everything has worked just as I was told it would from the beginning. Dustin has worked with me every step of the way keeping me up to date on the progress and answering questions I had along the way. Dustin is very knowledgeable in his work and just a general good person. I recommend working with this company."

E. Tarpley


"When i first contacted this company inquiring about developing a mobile application,I was a bit scared because i didn't know the company and I'm always a bit skeptical about doing business over the phone. Dustin one of the app specialist really helped me to understand how the Appstore works to reach more customers all over the world.I never knew the opportunity was so big and why more people are not creating their own apps.i would recommend this company to build apps their awesome."


Jasmine R.

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