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App Store Optimization:

How do you get your mobile game to stand out in over-crowded app stores?

Mobile gaming is a solid and lucrative business. Revenues are growing at a pace that will exceed $127 billion in 2021. If you are a game app owner this is great news. Game apps are also the most popular category in mobile stores as about 25 percent of all the available apps fit in this category.

However, it is a very crowded and competitive market. Last year a total of 222,903 new games were launched on Android during the 12-month period, with another 49,178 on iOS. In September 2019 alone over 10,000 games were submitted for approval to the App Store. Talk about a booming marketplace.


The App-Squad is not only the leader in gaming app development; we are also considered pioneers in app marketing. We developed a unique system for App Store Optimization (ASO), and mobile marketing services that allows us to separate your app from the sea of others and increase organic traffic, which translates to installs and revenue. Let’s face it, you got into the app business to have fun and make money.

App-Squad Marketing Services is a leading innovator in the App Marketing field. With more than 10 years of experience within the fields of product promotion, app marketing, paid advertising, and optimization, we managed to achieve amazing that increase; downloads (installs), reviews and revenue results, for thousands of satisfied clients.

Mobile Gaming’s First $100-Billion Dollar Year Is Coming

The events of 2020 has the mobile games market generating revenues of $77.2 billion this year, representing a healthy year-on-year growth of +13.3%.



Where is gaming app revenue coming from?:
  • Apple’s App Store will generate $38.8 billion in mobile game revenues this year (+10.3% year on year), accounting for just over half of all mobile game revenues worldwide.
  • Game revenues from Google Play, meanwhile, will hit $27.8 billion (+15.0% year on year) in 2020, claiming 36.0% of the global revenues.
  • The remaining $10.6 billion will come from third-party Android app stores AMAZON (+20.5% year on year).

App-Squad Marketing Services

We Work Hard, So You Don’t Have To

Our goal at App-Squad is to help our clients reach the entrepreneurial goals, by building great gaming app’s and providing superior marketing services. We breathe, eat, and sleep app’s and app marketing, every day and the results we get for our clients, speak for themselves. Below is a small sample of the many clients we have built apps for, as well as developed, launched and managed app marketing campaigns for.



We launched our client, Darren’s app into Google, Apple, and Amazon app stores. We started to work with Darren to understand his goals, learn more about his ideas and work to develop a marketing campaign for his new app, that set expectations to meet his goals, based on his budget needs.


  • We included App Store Optimization (ASO) for all three (3) app channels.
  • We also worked tirelessly building keyword optimization, title, and description optimization along with app icon optimization.
  • After 2 weeks of strategy sessions and 3 more weeks of optimization due diligence, we launched Darren’s marketing campaign in May.
  • In 6 weeks after our marketing strategy campaign launch all of our efforts started to show results.



Julia loves to play Match 3 games and wanted one of her own with a few personalized twists to it.  So after 2 months of working tirelessly to finalize her game, we launched her app in all three (3) app channels; Amazon, Apple and Google.


  • Julia had a vision of what she wanted to accomplish with her app, so we spent several phone sessions with her, to understand her goals, her budget and set her expectations.
  • Once we had a budget in place, and set expectations based on her goals, we started to develop and campaign strategy that targeted all English speaking countries so that her gaming app had exposure, globally.
  • We then immediately started our due diligence process to develop keyword, title, description, icon optimization and also worked to develop her video preview strategy.
  • We launched her gaming app, App Store Optimization (ASO), 3 weeks after we began working to develop her marketing campaign strategy.
  • We then spent the next 6 weeks developing A/B testing to make sure we had the best combination of keyword, title, descriptions and icon optimization.
  • By June 15th (6 weeks) into her campaign, the fruits of our labor started to pay off
  • Her 4 month campaign (based on her budget) yielded: 120.69% increase in downloads and a 40.18% increase in revenue.




As with all marketing services, our client, Michael,  was looking for a quick shot in the arm regarding new users which would translate to more “in app” purchase and “ad view” revenues.   Since we were already performing basic ASO for Michael, we sat with him and asked him about his objectives and goals.   After gaining insight to Michael’s goals and understanding what his budget was, we went into action.  As with any marketing campaign, you will be able to see that around day forty-five (45) – the results started to show.


  • We first increase ASO activity to expand on more keyword optimization (Amazon, Apple and Google)
  • Then we added video previews to his app listings
  • We did a heavy outreach campaign and developed a strong game ‘brand’ initiative
  • We increased app description optimization across (Amazon, Apple and Google)
  • We A/B tested icon and title optimization
The results show an increase of over 11k new downloads and over $13k in new ‘in-app’ purchases,  in 90 days.

Your Success Is Our Success!

Our comprehensive marketing services will increase your app’s visibility, generate more installs, more reviews and more revenue.

Marketing services starting as low as $199 per month.

You have nothing to lose, and only installs to gain!


A.S.O. (App Store Optimization)

Through App Store Optimization, App Squad is able to increase your app downloads by finding your specific target audience. App store optimization has become the new standard for mobile app marketing and is a proven method to reaching your market.

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App Title Optimization

Having the right title is the most critical part in AppStore Optimization Process, Title have to include the name of brand + important and relevant keywords.

Pro-Tip: Put your main keywords before the brand.


Screenshots and feature graphics are there to make the user familiar with your app and explain what is the app about, you need to explain it via your screenshots and feature graphics, as we already mentioned above 90% of the users don’t read the description.

Pro-Tip: The natural flow of the app should be visible through your screenshot.

A/B Testing

In order to make sure we have the perfect combination of keywords, description, and screenshots, we will conduct many combination variations until we get the highest converting combination sets.

Monitor Keywords

If you are not following your keywords ranking, you’re basically blindfolding yourself.  Reviewing your keyword strategy on a weekly basis is a ‘best practice’ to use to ensure your app is ranking on the top page for optimum performance.

App Preview Videos

Preview videos have been in Google Play for a long time, while iOS added it only 2 years ago. Still, many companies miss this opportunity to get this extra boost for your app and lose a lot of money by not adding the right preview video.

Pro-Tip: If you have a good app, you must add a preview video.

App Localization

Localization allows you to place your app in other countries and in other languages. Localize your app to grow your potential customer’s reach.

Pro-Tip: Localize your app screenshots, it’s worth it.

Cross Platform

We monitor keywords, category searches, themes and game types on a daily and weekly basis. Allowing us to help you know what are the main keywords that get potential users to install in Google Play and iOS to improve your app rankings.​

App Icon Optimization

After the title, the most important part of the optimization process is to find the right icon, the icon is always the first visual part of the app and has to tell the potential user everything they need to know in 2 seconds.

Pro Tip: The icon and title must be connected.

App Description Optimization

90% of the users don’t read the description in free apps and games.  However; it is a very crucial component to your apps listing and ranking success algorithm.

App Reviews

Our reviews outreach program is a comprehensive and diligent process where we survey your app users, asking them how they feel about your app and what the love about it.  We then proactively ask them if they would be interested in leaving a review for you.  Reviews are a HUGE part of your app being a success in all of the app channels; Amazon, iOS and Google Play.

Your Success Is Our Success!

Our comprehensive marketing services will increase your app’s visibility, generate more installs, more reviews and more revenue. Marketing services starting as low as $190 per month.

You have nothing to lose, and only installs to gain!

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