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Refund Policy of App Squad


1.   GENERAL  App  Squad is committed to providing exceptional service in a timely manner.  Unfortunately, there are no refunds. Once the product is purchased it goes into a development cue for fulfillment.


If by any chance you decide that this is not for you, you have the obligation to cancel and will no longer be charged for development. All cancellations have to be submitted via email at [email protected]  with your reasoning for cancellation.  Please allow  3 business days for the cancellation to process.

3.  Reinstatement

Once your reinstatement fee and delinquent payments are processed allow 48  hours for your mobile application to be live in the app store.


Once you complete your last payment the developer account will be created and published to your account as proof of ownership. App Squad will continue to have control of the app until all payments are paid in full.

App  Squad Inc. does not guarantee any refunds if the client is unhappy with the mobile game application developed.  Instead,  App  Squad Inc. will make revisions to the mobile game application.  Any and all refunds granted,  for any reason,  are at the discrepancy of  App  Squad Inc.   For any questions or concerns, please contact App  Squad Inc.’s support team,  Monday    Friday during our hours of operation,  at:  [email protected]  or  1-877-234-3852.